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SERVICES 1. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYAdvising on the issues relating to copyright and industrial property. Consultation with regard to counterfeit goods. Representation in the Industrial Property Board of Appeal, Customs Board and courts. The matters connected with the registration of the objects of industrial property such as trademarks, industrial design, utility models, patents, geographical indications, etc. 2. BUSINESS LAWResolution of matters connected with everyday economic activities of a company. Drafting contracts and documents. Legal audits of existing documentation. Foundation of companies and branches along with preparing necessary documentation. Resolution of problems relating to the merging, division, transformation and liquidation of companies. Issues connected with shares. Legal judgement of the activities of directing bodies (Management Board, Supervisory Board, general meeting) of a company. Assistance in making entry amendments in the commercial register. 3. LABOUR LAWPreparation of legal instruments related to labour law such as employment contracts, draft collective agreements, job descriptions, internal rules of procedure, etc. Advising on general matters of labour law. Legal auditing of a company´s instruments related to labour law. Representation in extra judicial bodies (Labour Inspectorate, Labour Dispute Committee) and in courts. 4. TAXATION LAW Advising on taxation matters. Representation with regard to taxation disputes in the Tax Board and in courts of law. 5. PUBLIC LAW 5.1. Preparation of administrative complaints and other documents; consultation concerning public procurements and drawing up required draft documents. Representation in national or local government agencies, the Public Procurement Office and courts.
5.2. Criminal and misdemeanour law Representation and defending prior to court hearings, administrative agencies and courts. 6. CIVIL LAW 6.1. The topics related to the Law of Obligations. Drawing up draft contracts and notices, preparing statements of claim, consultation. Representation in negotiations prior to and on the contract, in claims relating to damage to property and otherwise, in court actions.
6.2. The range of topics resulting from the Law of Succession Act, Family Law and the Law of Property Act