Andrus Lillo
Sworn Advocate

Andrus is a legal expert with a vast knowledge and unrivalled experience. He has practised law since 1992, and has worked as a sworn advocate since 1992.

Andrus has a wide range of clients. He provides advice in complicated matters relating to company law, tax law, and commercial law. His clientèle also includes a large number of private persons whose cases concern various issues of employment, succession, assets, and many more.

Protection of intellectual property rights is the field in which Andrus has acquired a unique knowledge and wealth of experience. In this field, he has definitely become a leading expert in Estonia.

Andrus has worked in the Ministry of Justice, and has delivered lectures on legal protection of industrial property rights at the Institute of Law and the Private School of Social Sciences Veritas. In addition, he has taught a seminar course on property law at the University of Tartu.

Andrus is the sole of our office and a real mood booster, who always finds a kind word for his colleagues. Andrus likes ballroom dancing and in his spare time, enjoys standard ballroom dance the most.


Estonian, English, German, Russian, Finnish


  • 1999Faculty of Law of the University of Amsterdam, a course on the EU law
  • 1993Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu, MA


  • Member of the Board of the Estonian Bar Association 2006–2013
  • Member of the Estonian Academic Society of Law since 2001
  • Member of the Estonian Bar Association since 1999

Areas of practice