Civil law

We provide advice for and represent private persons, businesses and public bodies in all matters related to law on obligations (incl. contract law). We represent our clients in pre-contract or contractual negotiations or in concluding agreements, we prepare draft contracts and other related documents. We prepare legal assessments on contracts already concluded, or to be concluded. We prepare letters of claim (also help to file claims for damages), and responses to claims brought against our clients. We draw up statements of claims. We represent clients in legal disputes.

We provide consultations on all issues related to property law, family law, and succession law.

We assist at all stages of transactions and operations concerning ownership – we analyse problems that may arise from a specific transaction or operation (legal audit), conduct negotiations, and prepare documents.

We provide advice on matters related to family law, prepare necessary documents, deal with relevant authorities, and when required, represent our clients in courts.

We assist in issues related to succession. We help to draw up wills and succession contracts, we represent successors in possible disputes with co-successors over the division of an estate, and help in dealing with the notary.



Contract law and compensation for damages

  • Preliminary agreements and memoranda of understanding
  • Sales agreements (incl. standard terms), delivery contracts, gratuitous contracts
  • Lease contracts, commercial lease contracts, contracts for the right of use without charge, licence agreements, loan agreements
  • Cooperation agreements and contracts for the foundation of civil law partnerships
  • Authorisation agreements, agreements of service (incl. contracts of a member of the management board), contracts for services, agency contracts, deposit contracts
  • Contracts of suretyship, warranty agreements, and other agreements on security
  • Agreements on assignment of claims and assumption of obligations
  • Contracts related to immovable and movable property (acquisition and transfer, use, encumbering (pledges and mortgages))
  • Disputes related to property law (incl. disputes between co-owners, issues of access roads)