The state and local government

Disputes with the state and local authorities, public procurement, planning and construction

We provide advice for and represent private persons, businesses and institutions in all major issues related to the actions taken by the state, including construction, planning, public procurement, state liability, competition, criminal and misdemeanour law.

We provide advice and assistance in carrying out any transactions or operations related to immovable property, incl. transfer and acquisition, lease, development, designing, financing, construction and use. We represent our clients in planning proceedings. Where necessary, we contest the established spatial plans.

We assist in arranging and carrying out a public procurement, also in filing contestation notices concerning a public procurement.

We draw up administrative complaints and other documents. We represent clients in administrative authorities of the government or local authorities, pre-trial bodies and courts.



We provide the following services:

  • Providing advice for persons concerned and local authorities, and representing them in spatial planning proceedings
  • Providing advice on and representing in preparing applications for design specifications, building and occupancy permits
  • Drafting and analysing contracts related to spatial planning and construction
  • Representing in disputes related to construction and spatial planning (incl. before competent authorities and courts)


  • Providing advice at different stages of procurement proceedings
  • Drawing up procurement documents
  • Drawing up public contracts
  • Classifying of tenderers and candidates, comparing and assessing of tenders, selecting successful tenders
  • Analysing procurement documents
  • Representing before the Public Procurement Review Committee and courts (incl. contestation or defence of procurement documents and outcome of a public procurement)


  • Providing advice on mergers
  • Preventing violations of competition laws, incl. prohibited agreements and concerted practices in carrying out transactions and operations
  • Anti-trust disputes


  • Providing advice on conducting lawful administrative proceedings in different fields (incl. principles of local government organisation, construction, planning, procurement, state liability, proceedings related to different permits, ownership reform)
  • Providing advice on the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, and where necessary, seeking review of the constitutionality of a legislative norm
  • Civil service
  • Representing businesses and private persons in disputes with local and government authorities, incl. filing claims for compensation under the State Liability Act
  • Representing in review proceedings and courts